Aligning the CFO with Strategical Business Decisions

Singapore | TBC, 2021






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4 Summits under 1 Roof - CXO Innovation Summits

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In today's world it is clear that regardless of industry or organizational structure, the success of your business growth operation boils down to the companies ability to plan collaboratively and respond quickly to changes. The CFO is a key part of that and at the summit you will hear how best to integrate new approaches for financial gain and business value, as well as deliver better analysis and foresight. 


– Merger & Acquisition (M&A)    

– Auditing & Internal Control

– Governance

– Statutory & Regulatory Reporting

– Fiscal Policy Planning

– Financial Technology Solutions

​– Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

– Financial Forecasting & Planning

– Finance Transformation

– Future Finance

– Planning & Analysis

– Transition Finance

Performance Management 

– Strategic Planning & Forecasting

– Costing & Budgeting

– Project Financing

– Accounting

– Controllers

Check Mark
  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Head of Finance, Vice President of Finance

  • Finance Director

  • Chief Revenue Officer

  • Chief Controller Officer

  • Chief Accounting officer

  • Chief Investment Officer​

  • Head, Vice President of:



FP&A Innovation

1. Adopting Investors’ Mind-set: Continuous Planning, Agility & Flexibility

2. Organisation Planning and Analysis (OP&A)

3. Budgeting Methodology & Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

4. Collaborative Enterprise Planning

1. Embrace New Technologies - Managing Culture Shifts

2. Automate Audit Testing – Ensure Data Integrity

3. Predictive Planning With AI, Machine Learning & Blockchain

4. The ROI of Digital Transformation – Is It Worth It?

Transformation in Finance

CFO’s Leadership Role & the CFO Workforce

1. Technology vs People in the Race to Drive Performance and Business Growth

2. Business Partnering: CFO's Increasing Role in Making Strategical Decisions for the Business 

3. Cross-department Partnerships – Assert Proactive & Strategic Leadership

4. Building an Adaptable & Value-Adding Finance Team

1.  Disconnected Data - Data Visualisation, Merging Finance & Non-finance Data

2. Regulatory Risk & Changes in IFRS Framework 

3. Geopolitical Uncertainty - The Greta Effect

4. The Future of Work: Agile Finance in the Wake of a Crisis

Challenges Facing CFOs in 2020


An intimate set-up to bring the decision-makers together and encourage knowledge sharing in an informal environment while ensuring a high quality of formality.

These sessions help facilitate quick and varied conversations between multiple parties simultaneously for a seamless networking experience likely to lead to long-term business relationships.

The Finance Team: Achieving Positive Business Value through Tech

Tech, tools, software... there is so much out there that how do you judge if its worth it? Worth the time, money and effort? And what happens when the finance team is left to deal and implement it?! We will discuss in this session the best ways of striving to utilise tech resources, whether new or pre-existing and how to make sure the finance team can provide direct, measurable ROI through this. 

Finance Business Partnering Done Right 

Adding value as a financial leader simply means supporting the organization (specifically the CEO) to do what they do best. This can only be done if there is cross-functional agility, support and business partnering is fully embraced... easier said than done. So in this discussion you will be able to hear and share your thoughts on how collaboration needs to be culture while thinking about how finance underpins many of the other functions in a very real way.  

Building the FP&A Team of the Future

It's an exciting time for FP&A, driven by CFO's, to become a more value-creating resource to the CEO. During this discussion we will talk about the opportunities of incorporating AI into the Financial Forecasting Process, Digital marketplace opportunities to embrace and how to find the right tech, process and people for this. 

- Advanced Pass holders can move freely to join discussions in the other three concurrent summits -

Cross-Department Data Sharing & Its Challenges

Best Practices of AI for C-Suites

Data Analytics Tools & Solutions

How COVID-19 Spurred on Digital Transformation for CX

The Key to Creating Value: CX Analytics

How Are Chatbots Improving Your CX

Crisis Management at the Top

Digital Transformation & Cross-Function Alignment

Creating an Ethical Transformation


We're currently recruiting speakers; the summit agenda will be released by April 2020.

Interested in speaking? Please contact Rahmi for details.

Current speakers include:

Munish Kaushal

Area Finance Director & CFO, GSK Southeast Asia &Taiwan

Paul Lennie

Chief Financial Officer

Salim Himmi

Chief Financial Officer

Rajiv Ramani

Group Chief Financial Officer

Srinivasan Venkita Padmanabhan

President & Global Head of Finance







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