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Singapore | TBC, 2021






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4 Summits under 1 Roof - CXO Innovation Summits

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Advancing an organizations mindset, skills and capabilities to enable transformation requires visible advocates for 'what’s next' to align with brands purpose, strategy and goals. At the summit you will learn how businesses put in place change delivery frameworks to deliver strategic business outcomes.


– Business Transformation Office

– Transformation Office

– Change Initiatives

​– Digital Transformation
– Change Management

– Continuous Improvement

– Process Transformation
– Operational Excellence 

– Turnaround Management

Check Mark
  • Chief Transformation Officer

  • Chief Digital Officer

  • Chief Digital Transformation Officer​

  • Chief Strategy Officer

  • Transformational CEOs/COOs

  • Transformational CIO/CTOs

  • Chief Growth Officer

  • Head, Vice President of:



Transformation & Change Management

1. Managing the Transformation

2. Transformation Imperatives

3. New Ecosystems

4. Digital Transformation Era

1. Better to Drive Change from the Inside?

2. Ahead of the Game: Being Prepared for Disruptive Changes

3. Managing Continuous Transformation

4. How to Significantly Improve the Chances of a Successful Transformation?

Implementation: Success Gates & Competitive Advantage

Operating Models & Risk Management

1. Keeping Ahead of Competitors via Change Management 

2. Surviving in a World of Continuous Change, Mixing Technology, and Information Overflow

3. How to Show that Transformation is Inclusive

4. Implementing Proactive Risk Management, Deciding on Interventions and Engaging in People Management

1. Growth of the CTO Role & being a Digital Transformation Leader 

2. People Management in a Disruptive Environment 

3. How to Build High Performing Teams while Providing Leadership through Organizational Transformation & Change

4. Future of Work for CTO 

The CTO Role & Transformation Management Team


An intimate set-up to bring the decision-makers together and encourage knowledge sharing in an informal environment while ensuring a high quality of formality.

These sessions help facilitate quick and varied conversations between multiple parties simultaneously for a seamless networking experience likely to lead to long-term business relationships.

Crisis Management at the Top 

Irrespective of industry, crisis management and contingency plans need to be a top priority for high-level execs. Those who can help guide a business through a time of crisis via leadership, collaboration and innovation are set to be in demand. This discussion will show how c-suite transformation, enablement, infrastructure and leadership control will continue to play an increasingly central and critical role.

Digital Transformation & Cross-Function Alignment

Everyone is aware that the key to successful digital transformation includes good leadership, capability building, empowering workers, upgrading tools, and communication. In reality these are much harder to achieve. In this round discussion, collaborate and share success stories on how digital transformations improved performance and equipped companies to sustain the changes made.

Creating an Ethical Transformation

We all know changing is not wrong, however many current transformation programmes aren’t managed ethically in a way that pays attention to the social environment of the workplace. During this discussion learn how to better avoid change failure through cross-function agile planning, how to better manage human impact of change and how to think more critically about transformation.

- Advanced Pass holders can move freely to join discussions in the other three concurrent summits -

Cross-Department Data Sharing & Its Challenges

Best Practices of AI for C-Suites

Data Analytics Tools & Solutions

How the COVID-19 Spurred on Our Digital Transformation for CX

The Key to Creating Value: CX Analytics

How Are Chatbots Improving Your CX

The Finance Team: Achieving Positive Business Value via Tech

Finance Business Partnering Done Right

Building the FP&A Team of the Future


We're currently recruiting speakers; the summit agenda will be released by April 2020.

Interested in speaking? Please contact Catherine for details.

Current speakers include:

Penny Murphy

Head of Digital Innovation & Transformation, Asia

Tomasz Kurczyk

Chief Transformation & Digital Officer

Andrew Frye

President Asia Pacific

Dominic Wong

Group Chief Strategy Officer & CEO Malaysia

Lex Lee

Chief Strategy Officer

Venkatesh Subbaraman

Regional Chief Operating Officer

O'Niel Dissanayake

Power Products Commercial & Transformation, VP, EAJ, Pacific & HK

Leroy Pinto

Group Managing Director, Digital

Paul Cobban

Chief Transformation Officer

Frederic Ducros

Group Chief Transformation Officer

Athikom Kanchanavibhu

Vice President, Transformation and Project

Michel Hamilton

Chief Strategy, Transformation & Digital Officer

Eric Cheung

Director of Transformation

Vaughn Van Bosch

Head of Digital Transformation & Enterprise Agility Lead

Bala Chandrasekaran

Chief Digital Officer - Asia / MD - Digital Strategy & Transformation

Miguel Rivera

Business Model Transformation Head

Claudio Quadarella

Executive Director - Transformation Management

Ratiporn Ratcharoen

APAC Transformation Director

Sudheer Shetty

Director - Field Transformation

Asia Pacific

Rajesh Nandakumar

Head of Information Technology

Dipak Sahoo

Regional CIO & Operation Transformation Lead - Asia

Roland Liew

Head of Digital Transformation

Alex Bono

Chief Digital Officer

Ashish Dahiya

Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer & VP

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