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CXO Deep Dive | Marc Havercroft

With more consumers being conscious of their data being shared, how do you overcome this?

Clear communication on what data & why.

How do you pick the right channel to communicate effectively with your customers?

Ask them and have all forms ready to go.

Which digital tools, new and old, do you think are the best to tell your story?

Social media
Video marketing
Weekly/Monthly newsletters
Digital communities

What is the role of social selling in the customer journey?

It's a medium of communication that is now accepted - It gains trust.

What are the opportunities for digitising the experience and lifecycle of existing customers (vs new buyers)?


How do you best maintain customer loyalty among the fierce competition in the mobile world?

Deliver and innovate.

If you had to compromise one aspect of CX among content, UX and SEO, which would be the one you'd rather sacrifice for the greater cause and why?

SEO - as my focus is on the current customers.

Will customers be put off with brands that don't use hyper-personalisation?

Yes and no. Hyper is extreme, all expect personalisation.

How has chatbots changed your approach to customer engagement and retention?

Deal with low hanging simple Y/N requests.

Do you believe that employee experience directly affects customer experience?

I don’t just believe it, I champion it.

Is adopting a company-wide customer-centric approach a must for truly seamless customer service?

Yes, every department should align and adopt the customer-centric approach for this strategy to be a success.
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