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CXO Deep Dive | Cameron McLean

Updated: Mar 19

How is your industry preparing for an AI-Centric world?

We are putting the foundations in place through data capabilities and digitisation to enable the use of AI in the future.

How do you pick the right partners to accelerate digital transformation?

My own experience, the opinions of people I know and trust, conversations.

What are the top challenges in your business transformation process?

Much to do - prioritisation and sequencing can be difficult.

How can companies ensure “customer-centricity” across mobile devices as they digitally transform?

Involve customers in the design and delivery processes.

Do you expect certain uses of technology to decline after the pandemic?

Yes, though not to pre pandemic levels. Some remote working software use will decline as people return to physical work, however will stay above pre-pandemic levels.

What will be the next evolution of advanced tech that we can expect in the coming years?

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.

What do you think are the biggest challenges organisations face in the adoption of disruptive technologies?

Legacy mindset.

How do you achieve successful change management and shifts in culture, mindset and behaviours to adopt new digital tools (especially in large organisation)?

Show people how digital tools enhance their work life.
Draw parallels to their own personal use of digital tools.
Find evangelists within the front line and customer base and have them explain the new world.

For those who haven't fully embraced the digital world, is it fundamental to future success?

Yes, you have to go digital one way or another if you want to survive.

What are the typical aspects that undermines a CTO?

An inability to reflect the business context.
Inflexible C suites and boards.
Inertia generated by past success.

What is the best way to incorporate agile ways of working to accelerate transformation?

Start small.
Test and learn.
Show successes and draw others in.

What do you think are the biggest challenges organisations face in the adoption of AI?

Lack of knowledge/expertise to use AI.

With the rise of AI, should you add in-house capabilities or outsource to specialists?

Both - specialists to accelerate early initiatives and in-house to grow and develop into the future.

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