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Lead Business Growth with Actionable Data Insights

London, United Kingdom | 2021






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4 Summits under 1 Roof - CXO Innovation Summits

Discover more on Transformation, Finance and Customer Experience

Data is the fuel of a modern company that strives in a digitally dominant world. However, without the right technological tools that would help analysing this big chunk of data, it’s only a hassle to store all that information. At the summit, you’ll have the opportunity to learn transforming this hassle into a muscle which would equip you with the right skills & tools to stay ahead of the data game.


– Data Security

– Information Management

– Predictive Modelling

– Data Security 

– IoT 

– Statistical Modelling 

– Data Engineering

– Strategic Data & Management 

– Data Governance
– Artificial Intelligence

– Big Data
– Data Mining
– Data Warehousing
– Data Quality 
– Data Architecture

– Deep Learning & Governance Automation

​– Data Science
– Business Analytics 
– Machine Learning 
– Deep Learning 
– Customer Analytics 
– Business Intelligence 
– Marketing Analytics

– Business Insight

Check Mark
  • Chief Data Officer

  • Chief Analytics Officer

  • Chief Data Scientist

  • Chief Information Security Officer

  • Chief Intelligence Officer

  • Chief Data Innovation Officer

  • Head, Vice President of:



AI: Machine Learning & Deep Learning

1. Key Points on Implementing a Data-Driven Decision-Making Algorithm with AI

2. How AI is Shaping the Future of Data Analysis

3. Understand and Minimise AI Bias for Unrivalled Decision Accuracy

4. Suspicious Approach to AI: Software Bugs, Lack of Accuracy & Unethical Users

1. Open Source Data Management

2. How AI is Transforming Data Governance

3. PDPA Compliant Data Storage

4. Challenges & CDO’s Role in Executing a Contemporary Data Governance Program

Data Governance & Privacy

Data Analytics & Visualisation

1. Forecasting vs Predictive Analysis

2. Dirty Data: Data Wrangling Challenges & Pro Tips for the Analysis of Structured and Unstructured Data

3. Impact of 5G, AI & IoT on Data Analysis

4. Untangle the Wires to Uncover Meaningful Insights with Advanced Visualization

1. Leading Business Innovation via Data-Driven Leadership Approach

2. Building Innovative Business Models with Big Data

3. Blend Human Capital with Data & Technology to Drive Inspirational Transformation

4. Transformation of Leadership with Technology

Strategy & Leadership


An intimate set-up to bring the decision-makers together and encourage knowledge sharing in an informal environment while ensuring a high quality of formality.

These sessions help facilitate quick and varied conversations between multiple parties simultaneously for a seamless networking experience likely to lead to long-term business relationships.

Cross-Department Data Sharing & Its Challenges

Data is private and sensitive, especially a customer’s personal data. Working on data may undermine business performance rather than increasing it if not dealt with meticulously. In this session you’ll learn how to handle & share data between departments, how to minimise data breach to maximise reputation and which information to share with cross-departments.

Best Practices of AI for C-Suites

No surprise that AI is the next big thing for almost every industry, and in a digitally enabled world where everyone is computer literate, senior managers must find a way to stay on top of their knowledge to be differentiated as a leader and further ROI. Senior-level executives from different backgrounds will be sharing their expertise sought from years of hands-on experience.

Data Analytics Tools & Solutions

Modern companies have been collecting data and optimising their systems with various parties to get ready for the digital revolution. Without proper tools and correct techniques to analyse data, it often becomes a burden instead. Discover how your competition tackles the complexity of data with the right solutions and how data analytics tools would help with your digitalization efforts, giving you the edge.

Advanced Pass holders can move freely to join discussions in the other three concurrent summits:

Crisis Management at the Top

Digital Transformation & Cross-Function Alignment

Creating an Ethical Transformation

How the COVID-19 Spurred on Our Digital Transformation for CX

The Key to Creating Value: CX Analytics

How Are Chatbots Improving Your CX

The Finance Team: Achieving Positive Business Value via Tech

Finance Business Partnering Done Right

Building the FP&A Team of the Future


We're currently recruiting speakers; the summit will be released by July 2020.

Interested in speaking? Please contact Catherine for details.

Speakers include:

Sachin Tonk

Vice President, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Lawrence Wee

Chief Data Scientist

Alok Kumar

Senior Vice President & Analytics Lead, Group IBG Operations

Quitterie Marque

Group General Manager, Data Analytics

Maximilian Ahn

Head of APAC FCC Data Science & Analytics







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