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CXO Innovation Summit
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Who We Are?


The CXO Innovation Summits is exclusive assembly of top leading executives at the pinnacle of their careers. The summit is a platform for those to broaden their minds on the latest business, leadership & technology directions.

Through a series of interactive panel discussions & fireside chats, C-Suite level only speakers from a range of industries will share their experience in a highly focused, intimate & time-efficient setting.

Some could argue the pressure of making the right business decision is greater than ever. At the summit, existing high-level management can look forward to cultivating their own decisions and perspectives.

For those looking to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder, this is your opportunity to engage and network with c-suite peers of Transformation and Customer Experience.

Join us to take in the plethora of experience and leadership skills available live at our upcoming summits.

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Chief Transformation Officer is responsible from harnessing organisational change to drive new growth. CTO is meant to see the whole picture and consider people, data and infrastructure in a cross-functional way, hence ensuring a seamless transformation across the organisation. Due to the complex structures and hierarchies of large organisations, transformational leadership positions are growing in popularity. Join us at the summit to learn more about this new but highly demanded role from the innovators who adopt this role at its early stages.

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In the traditional setup, departments are siloed, working in isolation hence, they forget the most important component of their business: the customer. The foundation of the role Chief Customer Experience Officer is to align departments with a customer-centric culture and build unprecedented customer relationships. Join us at the summit and discover how companies are organising and operating their customer experience functions, the modern challenges CCXO are focusing on, how they are measuring customer experience, and why employee experience is also a key factor.